Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Will you stay in this room for all of your days?

You have come to a room and walk through the door.  It looks like an ordinary room except there are unusual pictures on the wall.  There is a CD playing over and over some negative words that cut like a knife.  Some one asks "Will you stay in this room for all of your days?"  You think, no why would I?  Yet the room is your life, the pictures are your most darkest moments and the CD is playing the words that go through your mind daily.  Many are comfortable in the sadness and will not step out the door, even though the door is always open.  This is the worst kind of prison. 

Break the repetitive chain of negative thoughts and words that someone has told you at some point in your life.  Then it will be easier to let go and move away from here.  Most are from childhood, many are from right now.  Whether it was a parent, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc.  It doesn't matter who, if you look at the fact that we have a real enemy that wishes to destroy maybe you can see past the person.  The closer they are to you, the harder it will be. 

Few will never be in this room, some for only a short time, and others will find a way to settle in with all their stuff since they are going to be here for a lifetime.

What ever path has led you here, choose a different one today.

Do not let someone pen your history, for they will if you let them.

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