Saturday, January 5, 2013

Luke 4:31-44 & my hope for shorter posts

I am trying to write shorter posts.  When doing bible study I just keep writing and before I know it I've got two full pages.  I know we are all short on time so I will try to do my best for those that take the time to read my blog.  Thank you for supporting me and my ramblings!

v. 31 Jesus was in the synagogue teaching. v. 33 A man who was possessed by a demon was there insulting Jesus.  Do not think that you are sheltered completely from evil in church.  I have heard terrible stories of those who walked away from the belief just because of some people at church. 

v. 35 Jesus spoke and the demon departed.  Jesus has authority much greater than the demons and they can not stay long where He resides.  We do not see demon possession in this form as much today as back then.  I think the demons have learned to be more stealth in their actions.  Back then they shouted out at Jesus, today they are quite sly.  Many don't seem to know that they are being pulled by strings.  Evil permeates our world, although we need not fear. 

v. 40 Jesus laid hands on all that were sick and healed them.  Jesus could have said a word and all would have been healed right away.  So why did He touch each person there?  I believe He wanted to show that we are to have a personal relationship with Him.  He knew that human touch is important to us.  The most important relationship we will ever have is a one on one with the King. 

v. 41 Why didn't Jesus want the demons telling the people about Him? 
1 Jesus made them silent to show authority over them.
2 He wanted people to believe His words not listen to demons.
3 Jesus would reveal His identity on God's schedule and no other.

v. 42 Jesus went off for alone time with God.  Do not get so busy that you can't find a block of time to spend with Him.  We set out schedules and can make time for prayer and bible study.  I write it on my calendar so that it gets done.  Do we want to get to heaven and have God ask "Why did you not spend even a few minutes with me daily?"  I bet we all have 5 minutes a day for Him. 

I challenge you to find that time to spend with Him each day.

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