Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Luke 4:1-13

v. 1-2 After Jesus was baptized the Spirit took Him into the desert, where he was tempted for 40 days.  I know by experience of myself and many others that after proclaiming allegiance to Jesus you will be tempted.  The enemy wants nothing more than to get you as far away from God as possible.  Nothing is off limits for the enemy to use again us, he roams around looking for people to devour.  Since the seed that was planted is still new it can be easily pulled out of the ground and left to die.  The enemy knows if he can get you away while young in spirit then you may never return.  Jesus showed us how to deal with enemies in this section.  There are many who think that when you come to God you will not be attacked by the enemy.  Surely if Jesus was tempted and we are way less than Him, we will not be spared from temptation.  (Luke 21:16 "You WILL be betrayed by even parents, brothers, relatives and friends.")  Some are surprised when people close to them betray them after they commit to God.  The enemy knows that using someone close to your heart can greatly damage it beyond repair. Christians do more damage to the Kingdom than anyone else.  I have heard so many stories from people that were hurt by people in church or by "Christian" family members.  God's word is our weapon against evil.  Satan knows God's word well and will twist it to serve his needs.  If you do not continually study the bible then you are a sitting duck.  In order to use God's word we have to have faith in God's promises.  To sharpen your sword you have to be in the word daily.  If you are dealing with doubt (in any area), please realize that you are especially vulnerable to temptation. 

v. 3-12 The first thing the devil said was "If you are the son of God" the devil knew exactly who Jesus was.  The demons all know who He is and it is sad that many of us don't.

The three temptations for Jesus:
  •  Physical need - Jesus had not eaten in 40 days while in the desert so Satan tempted Jesus with turning a rock into bread.  Jesus responded "Man does not live on bread alone."  Jesus could have easily turned the rock into bread.  "The sin was not in the act but in the reason behind it." NIV notes.  The enemy will persuade us to take action for a wrong reason or at a wrong time. 
  • Power - The devil offered Jesus power over the world if only He would bow down to the him.  Jesus knew who had power over the world and said "Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only."  How many would trade God in for power or money, I think too many to count.
  • Tempting God/pride - The devil wanted Jesus to fall and have the angels catch Him.  He  quoted scripture to justify his request.  Many over the years have used scripture twisted in an unnatural form to justify their decisions they make and have caused great heartache in the world.  Jesus responded "Do not put the Lord your God to the test."   That has to do with Deut. 6:16 which says "Do not test God as you did in Massah."  I believe in Massah the people wanted water and were testing God by saying "Is the Lord among us or not?" That struck me as very powerful.  If we believe in the bible then how can we ask is God here?  How offensive that must be to Him.  He is and is everywhere, and that is that! 
v. 13 The devil might leave you alone until an opportune time but I guarantee that he will come again and either at your strongest or weakest moments.  Be on guard always.

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