Friday, September 11, 2015

Quote - Identity

"Your struggle is not your identity."

~ Quote on a sign online

How many of us hold onto our struggles or carry our past with us?  The weight of carrying such burdens is too much for our soul.  If our identity is in anything else besides God then it will be a struggle.  What ever we have been through should not complete our story, there has to be room for healing and what comes next.

Last week I got news that someone I went to high school with had killed his wife then killed himself.  He was a veteran and suicide is prevalent in people that have served in the military in America.  There was a problem, maybe he didn't even realize what it was.  By the comments from his close friends online it sounds like he never mentioned any problems to them.  At any moment he could have turned to a friend to get help.  We are not our sorrow, struggle, pain, anger, etc.  At least we should not choose that path because it will only pull us down so far that it is nearly impossible to see any light what so ever.