Friday, July 25, 2014

When God interrupts us.

We are mostly settled in our new house.  There is no Internet service here which has been frustrating for all those living in this new section of our neighborhood.  We are not out in the middle of nowhere, but live in a large town.  Yet the inconvenience is nothing compared to what is going on in other parts of the world.  We've come to expect to have everything right now.  So as I type this on my extremely slow little phone I am reminder to be patient and turn this over to God.  Yes this is inconvenient, but like Jonah my life has been interrupted.  Instead of letting the negative consume my thoughts I need to pay close attention to what God is trying to show me during this time.

I pray to see beyond the fog so I do not miss the shore.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Moving Update

Well as you can see I did not get the Jonah recap done yet.  With packing up the old house and putting away things in the new house I've been very busy.  Plus we don't have Internet at the new house yet, so I have to go back to the old house to use the computer.  I have noticed that when you move you get a lot out of the dark corners of your house.  For us in America we are keeper of large amounts of stuff.  You find you have multiples of things that you didn't even know you had one of.  The old house is very small for a house in this area.  The new house is larger for us, yet still pretty small compared to the other houses around us.  It is interesting to me to see the amount of things that do not add value to our family.  So as we are moving into this bigger home we will be getting rid of things that we don't need.

God cleans house and urges us to clean out the things in the dark, the things that we have forgotten about, the things that we don't want anyone else to see.  We hold onto things that we should give over to Him.  I think of how many people don't have as much as we do and we don't have a lot compared to the wealthy in America.  Having your house bogged down with stuff bogs down your soul.

We are almost done emptying out the old house.  After fixing up the house we will be putting it up for sale.  I know this is backwards to what most people do.  I'm giving it over to God and trying not to stress about it.  I'm praying that the house will sell fast so we will not have to pay two mortgages, gas, electric & water bills any longer than we have to.  Thank you for those who have been praying for us.  I hope to be back to regular posts as soon as everything settles down.