Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quote - Generosity

"Never suppress a generous thought."

~ Camilla E. Kimball

Our words can mean so much to someone else, but if we decide not to tell them then we both miss out on the blessing.  Don't keep kind words to yourself.  Give compliments when you think of one.  Make a point of saying something nice to someone, but not from a place of obligation or insincerity.  When we give kindness away it may just be the thing the other person needed most at that very moment.  This is desperately needed in the world today.  What if God was trying to use you to make a connection with another person, but you were afraid to say anything?

Why do we suppress kind thoughts, but most are not afraid to speak from hate, divisiveness and anger?

Go out and be the good in the world, even if you are the only one you know doing it, do it well.