Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hope in Easter

I hope you all had a good Easter with loved ones.  My kids asked me why it's called Good Friday when Jesus died and that was sad.  I told them that it was because God made a way for everyone to be in His family.  His sacrifice was for all people.  It didn't seem like it was good until Jesus had risen.  I think we often forget what this all means and the focus gets put on a bunny hiding eggs with chocolate inside, but there is so much more to it.

This afternoon I read that dozens of Christians mostly women and children were killed by terrorist in Pakistan at a park.  They were Christians who gathered for the Easter holiday.  Also with the news of what happened in Belgium.  There is such evil in this world, yet it is not new.  Satan has been at work for centuries trying to separate us from God.  Every generation the faces change, but the goal is the same - permanent separation and eternal condemnation.  This is when we are to have strong faith, these families have going through such loss.  I hope you will join me in praying daily for our brothers and sisters around the world.  We think it's tough to be a Christian in America or some other countries around the world.  Many of us will never know what it's like to live daily with the thought that terrorism is not an idea, it's a reality.  With all the attacks on people lately it is easy to get down and feel hopeless yet what is beyond this world is pure and beautiful.

Heaven will have no tears or pain, how amazing is that!  Have faith my friend because Love wins, God is watching all the wrong done to His people and He has the final say.  We won't understand His timing.  We just need to have faith that His timing is coming just like the Son.  I am thankful that God made the sacrifice of being separated from His son that I can join His family for eternity.  Jesus is sitting next to the Father and when He returns all will see.

There is hope in the Resurrection even in the darkest of days.