Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Prayer Request

Next week I have to go in for another mammogram and an ultrasound since they have questions about the mammogram results I just went in for last week.  I am asking for prayer for no cancer and the tech to be able to see everything clearly.  I am doing good right now and trying not to stress, but sometimes it's difficult.  My chest has been feeling tight off and on for a while now so prayer that there is nothing wrong there as well (heart doc said my heart is in good shape).  I know that no matter what, I have faith in God and I know that He has a plan for me.  I am trying to focus on Him throughout the day and that brings peace.  Thank you

Quote - The Lack of Civility and Compassion

"People do not seem to realize their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Lately social media has been too much for me when I see such hateful words having to do with the most recent election.  I am reminded that throughout world history there have been many battles of words that each side has bitterly fought for their beliefs and all have believed they were right.  Over time we can see which side is right or wrong, but in the moment things are cloudy at best.  The words turn into conflict which can turn into war if pride decides to dig deep roots and refuse to back down.  Many have died because people could not compromise and have compassion for those who thought differently from themselves.

This seems like it is something new, but this has been going on since there have been humans on this planet.  It's just that now we have 24/7 media and Internet so it seems much worse than ever before.  The country would be better off if we did not listen to the media that has an obvious bias (looking at you FOX NEWS especially, but there are others).  This election did not CREATE such hate in people, it was already there sometimes hiding under the surface.  There is a strange thing that happens when powerful people take a position of hate against others, a mob mentality starts to surface among the people.  That is one of the most dangerous things that can happen because when you justify hate you can do the unthinkable.  There are many examples of normally good people (OK, maybe not that good) changing into monsters due to circumstances or favorable positions for hate.

All of these are more complex than what I have here, but they are examples of how this mob mentality is played out on the world stage (we all know what happens to women and girls in these situations so add that to ever conflict and war throughout history).
  • Hutu vs Tutsi - foreigners drove a wedge between these groups which lead to killing family and friends
  • Europe vs Jews - leaders incited hatred against the Jews which people gladly destroyed businesses, drove out people from towns and finally the Nazi's tried to wipe them off the face of the earth
  • Mormons vs settlers (Mountain Meadow Massacre) - they attacked dressed as Indians and killed men, women and children 
  • White settlers vs Native Americans - killed most of them, drove them from their homes, tried to eliminate food sources (killing millions of buffalo and left them to rot)
  • French people vs Aristocrats - the people rose up against the rich and killed many (I have been to the Palace of Versailles and I can see why the poor rose up, that place is ridiculous, although they could have handled that better)
  • North vs South (Civil War) - this war divided not only states, but family and friends killed each other and some of the POW's came out of the prisons like the Jews leaving the concentration camps at the end of WWII, just skin and bones.  
My goodness this is depressing.  If you look at what people have done over time it's any wonder that there are still good people in this world.  Thank you God for good people!

I believe that when we look at the past there are constant circles of the same patterns just with new generations and when we decide to ignore history we will inevitably repeat it.  This is why it is so important to teach our children what is right, teach them kindness, compassion, mercy and a sense of justice.

The stories I have heard that have happened to my friends dealing with people on the opposite side of politics lately has been unsettling.  We are not our politics, unless you work in Washington D. C. or for your local government then most of the political issues shouldn't rule your life.  Yet what I hear from these stories is that people feel the need to fiercely defend there position even to the point of being nearly abusive to others.  I think one of two things when I hear these stories: either people are not trusting in God and the devil is having a field day or their pride is making them blind and belligerent.  Either way God is not their focus.  You can not be filled with God's love and shred someone to pieces at the same time, they can't exist in harmony together.  I believe you can be passionate about what God is passionate about and hate the things God hates, but He NEVER hates the person, just the sin or the evil they are doing.  That is why we shouldn't pass judgment on others.  Because we can't separate the person from the sin.

You can disagree with policy, actions or beliefs and still be able to present your opinion in a way that does not attack someone.  I don't agree with all of my friends and I didn't vote for who some of them voted for, but we can have intelligent conversations and we would like to see this country come together.  So I am very thankful for the woman around me who are an oasis from the desert surrounding us!

Remember that God placed Trump in this position for a reason.  I feel like God did this to get our attention since we have gone so far off the narrow path that it is nearly impossible to see it anymore.  The wide path is where the world lives and it is busy and dim and easy to get lost on it.

We really should learn from the history of every country and quit repeating it so much because we are a collective of the world's history and will be judged by God on our actions no matter what is going on in the world and whether we made decisions to go against the mob mentality or completely embrace it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

IF:Gathering 2017

The IF:Gathering will be Feb. 3rd & 4th this year.  I hope that you attended a local event the last couple of years or at least watched at home in your pj's:)  If you haven't then know that this event is trying to equip women to do the work that God has given us, but to do it with passion, heart and a resilience that nothing will get in our way.  It's that important ladies!  These events have been some of the best I've ever attended.  The Austin team asks for a donation of $1 to attend an IF:Local.  Most retreats for a weekend are over $150, this is $1 (OK, the more money donated the more it will help this great group of ladies).

This is the fourth year for the event that is held in Austin, TX, but has IF:Local's around the world.  A weekend of amazing speakers, awesome worship and a global focus to empower women to live Jesus daily.  To share Him with those that do not know him in our homes, cities, states, countries and around the globe.  There are over 1,500 IF:Locals around the world and growing every year.  Here is the link to sign up: IF:Local.  If there is not a gathering near you I believe you can sign up as an individual and watch from your house (pj's optional).    Afterwards I usually go online to watch the sessions again.  If I have seen a really good speaker I will often watch it again so I can make sure I have everything written down.  Can you tell I'm a note taker?  I know your shocked:)

When this event is over they have IF:Table where you can get together with a few women once a month, they have Bible studies, a shop (just in case you like to shop or something).

If you are feeling like you need some motivation, inspiration, focus and just some serious Jesus love please attend or watch this incredible event.  I'll probably update my thoughts after this event is over because I am a note taker!


Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Plans or the Lack of Plans

Well looks like I am not doing a Bible study online this year or at least not anytime soon.  I'm feeling a big NO.  I do plan on posting more, I know I'm not constant.  I need to finish Nahum, yes still on that book.  The page views last year went from around 18,000 to nearly 600,000.  I keep thinking there is a computer somewhere that keeps clicking my posts instead of real people.  I did ask God to bring people to my blog, but the numbers have been more than I could dream.  That's God, He does way more than we could ever imagine.

Hope that I post more and hope that you will continue to visit my corner of the web.  I am glad you did.  May God do big things in all of our lives, more than we could ever comprehend.