Sunday, January 15, 2017

IF:Gathering 2017

The IF:Gathering will be Feb. 3rd & 4th this year.  I hope that you attended a local event the last couple of years or at least watched at home in your pj's:)  If you haven't then know that this event is trying to equip women to do the work that God has given us, but to do it with passion, heart and a resilience that nothing will get in our way.  It's that important ladies!  These events have been some of the best I've ever attended.  The Austin team asks for a donation of $1 to attend an IF:Local.  Most retreats for a weekend are over $150, this is $1 (OK, the more money donated the more it will help this great group of ladies).

This is the fourth year for the event that is held in Austin, TX, but has IF:Local's around the world.  A weekend of amazing speakers, awesome worship and a global focus to empower women to live Jesus daily.  To share Him with those that do not know him in our homes, cities, states, countries and around the globe.  There are over 1,500 IF:Locals around the world and growing every year.  Here is the link to sign up: IF:Local.  If there is not a gathering near you I believe you can sign up as an individual and watch from your house (pj's optional).    Afterwards I usually go online to watch the sessions again.  If I have seen a really good speaker I will often watch it again so I can make sure I have everything written down.  Can you tell I'm a note taker?  I know your shocked:)

When this event is over they have IF:Table where you can get together with a few women once a month, they have Bible studies, a shop (just in case you like to shop or something).

If you are feeling like you need some motivation, inspiration, focus and just some serious Jesus love please attend or watch this incredible event.  I'll probably update my thoughts after this event is over because I am a note taker!

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