Monday, December 28, 2015

Concussion Update

It has been over two years since I got a concussion, it seems like it has only been a couple of months.  The neurologist said that I should have no problem getting back to normal, but I'm not sure that I will ever be exactly the same as before my concussion.  So far it isn't anything big, just small things that are annoying.  I will be writing and I will add another letter or change a letter to a word so I erase a lot or I will ask a question that I asked a little while ago and not remember asking the first time, sorry to my family:)  The biggest thing that I have noticed is that time is different.  I'm not sure if I can explain exactly, but I will try.  Some days time will pass and I believe it has only been a short period of time and it has been hours or vice versa.  Time has become something else ever so slightly different than before, but it is different.  It is almost tangible.  I know that probably sounds weird, but that's all I got.  So nothing major, just annoying things.  I do feel like if I don't do something then it may get worse.  I need to write more often and I should read more than watch TV, paint, use my left hand more than my right.  Those are all good for my brain so I need to make that a priority this coming year.  I know this is nothing compared to what some people I know are going through right now (miscarriage, brain cancer, little child in wheelchair with a ventilator no knowing if she will be her old self again, marriages falling apart).  So forgive me if my spelling is wrong or if my sentences do not make any sense.  Give grace and it will be given to you.

Whatever each one of us has to live with or go through, God is enough, even if we do not understand the reason.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quote - Faith & Fear

"Let your faith be bigger than your fears."

~ quote from a sign online

Easy to say, hard to apply sometimes.  When we let fear take over we often forget about God, He get pushed to the side so that our fears take center stage.  Fear gets magnified and we will spend too much time with it when we should give it to God.  Fear is not meant to be our friend, it does not comfort or protect us.  We can not have both faith and fear for very long.  One will ultimately grow stronger while the other shrinks away.  They are opposing forces, both demand to have our entire attention.

Fear seems stronger than faith in certain situations, but faith is always there waiting on us to let it work.  Faith can cause waves that crush into fear so that it is something in the distance that we thought we knew, but can't remember anymore.  To live without fear would be wonderful.  Our enemy uses fear to separate us from God, faith is the only thing that dispels fear.  Building faith takes practice over the years, trusting God and reading His word will help us fight.  No matter what the situation, we have a choice to make.  Faith or fear.  It is up to us to choose wisely.