Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poem - The Door

The Door

Your journey was long, I have no doubt. 
The road to this door is narrow and steep. 
You see most are in the shallows, they won't go deep.
People pass by this door everyday. 
Although we don't have many visitors come our way.
Thank you for coming to answer the call. 
Many are called but few will be chosen.
  Beware, things are not what they seem. 
If you want to be here, you will have to leave some things outside the door.
We don't allow pride, deceit, hatred or judgment so they will have to wait forever more. 
What works in the world, doesn't here. 
Some of the biggest voices you hear in the world can not come in. 
They are pacing outside the door unable to leave it behind. 
Oh, the things they can't comprehend in their mind.
We have all that you need. 
Peace, rest and food for your soul.
So please come in and put your luggage down. 
You won't be needing those in this town.
Welcome through the door.
Amy Jones


  1. Awesome, Amy. Welcome. Blessings, Brenda

  2. Thank you. I'd really like to put my luggage down, and rest. :) Hugs from the Philippines, Patsy

    1. Patsy,

      I hope that you can unload things that weight heavy on your soul. We all need to be able to breathe. Have a blessed day.