Sunday, January 20, 2013

Luke 7:1-17

Here in the book of Luke, Jesus heals non Jews.  The gospel travels across ethnic, racial, national and religious barriers.  Jesus did not care for artificial divisions, we should follow His lead. 

v. 2 A centurion was a Roman officer in charge of 100 men.  They were men who have been battle tested and trustworthy for the empire. 

v. 3 This Roman officer asked Jesus to heal his servant.  He had faith in what he had heard about Jesus.

v. 6 The Roman officer stated that he wasn't worthy to have Jesus enter his home.  This soldier was not raised a Christian.  The Romans had many gods they worshipped.  How could he have Jesus in his house? 

v. 7 The roman soldier said "Say the word and my servant will be healed."  What amazing faith this man had.  He believed with his whole heart that Jesus could heal just be saying the words. 

v. 8 The soldier was a man of great authority and so he must have recognized Jesus' authority as God.  Not a popular belief for a Roman soldier.  His believe and hope rose above any desire he had to rely on his religion. 

v. 9 Jesus was amazed at the soldiers belief and said "I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel."  I wish there was more about this man in the bible.  Being a man of authority he could have lost his position for asking a Jew for help.  

v. 10 The servant was healed because of the soldier's belief.  There is a beautiful silver thread throughout the bible of God using people that the world would not for His great purpose. 

v. 12-13 Jesus saw a funeral procession and His heart went out to the mother.  She already was a widow and now had lost her only son.  She was someone that was truly alone in the world.  Unless family came to her rescue she might have had to beg for food, her life would have been bleak.  Jesus has compassion that we know nothing about.  We think we do yet we will not truly understand until we are with Him in heaven, only then we might have just a small understanding. 

v. 14-15 Jesus told the young man to get up and the son lived again.  We all are the son, dead to sin.  Jesus came to call us to life.  Jesus has compassion on us and will help if we let Him. 

v. 16 The people said that a great prophet had come to help them.  They were thinking physical healing and overthrowing the Romans.  Do you expect Jesus to follow your agenda? 

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