Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eccl. 4:1-6

v. 1-6 "Again I looked and saw all the oppression that was taking place under the sun:
I saw the tears of the oppressed-and they have no comforter;
power was on the side of their oppressors-and they have no comforter.
And I declared that the dead, who had already died,
are happier than the living, who are still alive.
But better than both is he who has not yet been,
who has not see the evil that is done under the sun.
And I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man's envy of his neighbor. 
This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.
The fool folds his hands and ruins himself.
Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil
and chasing after the wind."

My son will say when he is being disciplined that life is not fair.  He is learning at an early age.  I'm not sure who thought life was fair, but apparently they have been telling every person they could find.  We seem to be very surprised when something bad happens in our lives.  If we try to figure out Kingdom things then we will only get frustrated and confused.  Of course the dead are happier, they are in heaven!  There are no tears or sadness there, a beautiful place awaits us when we leave here.  There is a balance to all things.  There will always be unfairness in this world, until Jesus comes back that is.  We are to help where and when we can, to avoid this would be a huge mistake.  Workaholics and laziness are both extremes that we should avoid.  Both can be destructive to our lives and our families.  Better to have tranquility with one handful than toil with two handfuls.  We should enjoy the things God has given us and not focus wanting more and more. 

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