Saturday, August 24, 2013

Poem - Coming Home

This idea came to me last week.  I thought about coming home to God, to my Father's house.  I was planning on writing something else today, but you know how God works.  Apparently it was meant for this moment.  This goes along with the bible study notes about Solomon, but fits the story of the prodigal son told by Jesus.  I am well acquainted with that story since I have been that child coming home.  If you have not come home then I hope this will show you a glimpse of what it is like.  You will never be the same once you cross that threshold.  There is only love waiting for you there, He will turn no one away.

Coming Home

I have been away for a long time
I have been welcome
but have not taken a step
toward this place for many years.
I see the light in the window
that must be there always.
Waiting, lighting the way.
I am thankful for the light
that is on this path
so I will not falter coming home.

My father has missed me
he has cried for me
I have hurt him yet he still loves me.
I climb the steps slowly
with each step it's as if heavy armor
is falling to the ground.
I will leave all baggage outside this gate.

My breathe is unsteady, I am nervous
as my hand reaches for the door I hesitate
what if he tells me to leave
or decides to slam the door in my face
for all the harm I have caused here.
This has stopped so many from
coming to this place.

I wait ever so long not knowing what
will happen once this process has started
I take a deep breathe and decide to knock.
In my selfish stupor I did not realize that
the door was unlocked and slightly open,
open this whole time, waiting for me.

I push the door open
in the distance of a long hall
I see someone running, running to me. 
The thought came to run back down the steps
I froze.  Then I started to realize
that the one running to me
had open arms and such joy was on his face.  

When you have been away
from the father's house you forget 
then it starts to slowly come back
as if a dense fog came rolling in.
I remember love, peace, joy, forgiveness,
grace and mercy.

He loves me and has been waiting
for the day of my return.
He wraps me in his arms and I feel love again
pure love with no ulterior motives
like the people of this world.
He forgives me for everything that I have done,
everything I have ever done.
I would fall to the floor in a crying heap
if it were not for his secure arms.

He calls out for a celebration because I have returned
the finest foods, the most beautiful clothes
and everyone is invited, a celebration like no other.

Tears stream down my face.
How could someone love me that much
to forgive everything, wipe it all away
so that it settles into the deepest crevice in the sea.
Never to be seen again.

I now understand, he gave me the choice
I choose badly to seek the pleasures of this world
and have paid a heavy price.

Now I am home with the one who loves me
there is only beauty here, not hate like outside the gate.
The rest of my days I will rest in the knowledge that I
mattered to someone, I am so deeply cared for.
Coming home has restored my soul
it has given my a reason to smile and to be free.
Coming home I am safe and protected.
Coming home is where I will always be.

Amy Jones

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