Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Introduction to My Story

The posts under My Story are my history.  The small and large things God has done for me or shown me over my life so far.  I have not written down all the stories and I thought that it was about time.  I am not a journal person, but I wish that I had been so that I could have details from the time they happened instead of trying to recall them later, but some details I will never forget.  Some of these stories might seem insignificant or small, but to me they are part of who I am and others might seem completely unbelievable.  There are things going on all around us that we can't see with our natural eyes, but if we can truly see then we get a glimpse of the Kingdom if only for a moment.  I think God talks to us in different ways, I am a visual person so many times that is what He uses to get my attention when I am not focusing on what is important or I'm being extremely stubborn and not doing what He has asked me to do.  My plan is to start with the stories from my younger days and work toward current stories, although God sometimes has other plans (by now I am very aware of this).

The Israelites would stack stones in certain places as a memorial.  They were there so that they could remember the great things God had done for them.  You see they forgot often and had to be reminded, we are the same today.  In our busy world, it is even harder to see the memorials around us and in our hearts.  I was in a bible study several years ago at Kelley's house and she had a bowl of stones on the coffee table.  On these stones she had written things to remind her of what God had done in her life or gotten her through.  She knew exactly what each one meant, even if no one else knew.  I thought that was a great idea, a visual reminder so that we can stop and remember.  If we are having a hard day then we can go to our reminders and stop the chaos that is all around us and have a moment with the King.  Seeing the goodness of God throughout the span of our life can really make you feel blessed. 

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