Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olympics 2014 - At The Start

The Olympics are going strong in Sochi, Russia.  Everyone wants their own country to win, of course they root for athletes from home.  There is such a sense of pride to follow them along this journey.  We do not know the pressure the athletes go through, but know it must be mind boggling to be on this international stage.  The decades of practice from a young age, the countless hours of training for a competition for mere seconds to strive for gold.  Many have had to leave their families to go train in a strange new city.  We do not see the intense training, we see the finished product, when they step foot onto frozen ground they are ready to compete.

One of the American women skier's, Heidi Kloser, crashed in a training run before the opening ceremony and had to be taken off the course in a sled.  She asked her parents if she was still going to be considered an Olympian.  Once you have made it on the team for your country, you will always be known as an Olympian.  Even if you don't get to complete due to injury before the competition starts, that can never be taken away from you.  It must be devastating to them to not get a medal, to us at home the fact that they worked hard and made the team is a feat we will never reach so we can't help but root for them.  They are hero's on the frozen ground and should hold their heads high.

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