Monday, January 8, 2018

Quote - Character in Leadership

"It is not wise or even possible to divorce private behavior from public leadership."

~ John C. Maxwell

This came from an email where John was talking about one of the worst president's - Warren G. Harding.  We can learn from the good and bad people from history, both are vital for learning life lessons.  Unfortunately people often repeat patterns from the past and many should stay as history.  Just like in the Bible, we are to learn from the choices people make and apply the lessons to our lives.  Everyone has hundreds of choices to make each day, but over time that is where our patterns develop into who we are as a person.  John also spoke about the people we choose to hang around with, those are the ones we will be more like than anyone else.  Mentors are important unless they are defeating your ability to grow as a person and holding you back.  We all have different levels of leadership (parenting, teachers, business leaders, etc) this applies to everyone not just CEO's.

Who are you choosing to spend your time with?  Do they lift you up and try to make you a better person or do they hold you down, not letting you grow in any way.

Why are you spending time with them?  Is there a need to be included or needed?  I would rather be alone than to be around someone who wants to drag me down.

Where to do you get your self-worth from?  If it's anything other than God then we will be disappointed. 

People will let you down throughout your life, but God is always there for you even if you pick the wrong people to be around.

Unfortunately people often repeat patterns from the past and many should stay as history.

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