Sunday, July 14, 2013

My vacation grade

Just getting back from two weeks of vacation in Colorado.  Many times I did not have Internet service while in the mountains so that is why there were not many posts in the last few weeks.  I am a home body so it is hard to be away from home for me.  I was out of my element and it was a difficult time.  I would say my grade was a big fat F.  With severe allergies, daily headaches, ears constantly popping and problems with the changing altitudes, it was not a pretty site.  There were many good moments like when I saw a beautiful raptor land in a tree not far from where I was sitting, spending my 40th birthday with my family, seeing herds of elk and their babies and giant moose. 

I slacked on my bible study and even prayer.  Did I turn to God during every frustrating time?  No, I complained and was upset about 99% of the time.  I know what I am supposed to do, yet when I am out of my normal routine it is very hard to focus on the correct thing to do.  Looking back it would have been so easy to just talk to God in my frustration instead of sulking.  I have many areas to work on so taking one at a time is the plan.  I am nowhere near my ideal of a Christian, but I am trying to move forward on this journey.   I am glad to be home again and get back into my routine.  If you are like me and have a long way to go on this journey then I hope you will join me in the pursuit of becoming an excellent person in Christ.  It is not the destination, but the journey where we learn our lessons and determine who we are in this life.

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