Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Can you hear above the noise?

I'm sitting here watching a show called "Preachers' Daughters" and this young man said that he was doing things to fit in with his friends because he thought that if he was someone else he would be liked.  He called himself: weird, awkward and stupid.  It made my eyes start to water, I know exactly how that feels.  God loves us so much, but how can we hear when the world is screaming otherwise.  Parents, friends, teachers, even pastors may be shouting what is wrong with you, God is waiting for you just as you are.  There are so many of our youth who feel that way.  The enemy is running the greatest con in history.  If he can get you while you are young there is a good chance he will keep you forever.  The enemy a lot to times will use those closest to you.  The closer the person the more potential for greater lasting destruction.  I remember what it was like to be a teen and it is a very lonely place.  I thought how can God love me because of the things I have done?  So I just went on going deeper and deeper into a pit of darkness.  I can see why there are some in this world shouting on rooftops, they feel like their hearts will burst because their cup has to pour out with love.  I feel like if I could just cram this into people then they will really get it and feel His love.  This world is dark and angry, but God's love is a brilliant light that will not be extinguished.  If you feel this way I pray that you will have peace.  If there is a young person in your live I hope that you will lift them up in prayer and show they that they are worthy of love.  The only counter to hate is love.

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