Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fill in the Blank

Have you ever thought - I am only good for ________________(fill in the blank).  Whether it's just to do damage, be a loser, be a cheater, be worthless, being beat up, etc.  I have heard many people say this.  We get stuck as if there is a repeating CD in our head that has been playing for decades.  You see what ever you fill in the blank with it is just that to God, a blank.  He is not afraid of the blanks because He can work with any belief, misconception or damage that we have self inflicted or that someone else has caused.   If you are under any label other than free, I pray you will seek out the ONLY ONE who can help you.  I had a few blanks that I believe for years, yet one day I found someone who said no to the blanks and showed me love despite my beliefs.  You might say, but you don't know what I have done or been through.  I have heard some of the most amazing testimonies in the last few years.  Whether you believed you were Jesus walking in gang infested streets, your child was taken from you or you were abused or the one abusing others.  You see these people had some things in common.  They were in positions that most of us would never think we would end up in, the devil using every weapon in his arsenal to attack them, they found love from someone that is unseen, they were forever changed and are living out their faith every day.  I think these people are brave, they get up every morning to face to day and can still find joy in life.  My story pales in comparison to theirs so I have great respect for them.  I look up to those who have come out of the storms of life with peace. 

You see, you can't out sin God's ability to heal you.

Do not let someone else pen your story. 

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