Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Luke 8:40-56

v. 43-48 Jesus was walking through a crowd and someone had touched him and He stopped.  The crowd was almost crushing Him so why did He stop?  He felt power leave Him.  Jesus asked "Who touched me?"  Jesus knew who had touched His cloak.  He wants us to come forward and not shy away.  The people all denied they had touched Him until a woman stepped up and fell to His feet.  The woman told why she had touched Jesus' cloak and said that she had been healed.  It is interesting to me that Jesus was in such a large crowd that many people must have bumped into Him, although no power left Him until someone with faith came to Him.  I don't think He will release His power until someone is brave enough to come up to Him and ask.  Jewish law prohibited men from being near women who were unclean.  This woman had been "unclean" for 12 years so she must have been alone for all those years.  Jesus showed that women did not make Him unclean and they were no longer second class citizens. 

v. 49-56 Jesus had been on His way to heal a young girl.  He delayed to find out who had touched His cloak.  We are to be faithful in our waiting even when it looks bleak.  Do not lose hope.  He was told the girl had died and told the father "Don't be afraid; just believe and she will be healed."  Jesus told the crowd that the girl was only sleeping, not dead and they laughed at Him.  Jesus spoke "My child, get up!" and her spirit returned and she at once stood up.  The father was brave to come to Jesus since he was the ruler of a synagogue and could have lost his position.  When tragedy occurs we then may fall away from our preconceived notions to find where we should have been the entire time.

"Jesus never disappoints those who wait for Him.  Jesus never refuses those who welcome Him.  Jesus is near us now: will you not open the doors of your hearts to receive Him?" Spurgeon's Sermon Notes

" When the inhabitants of Mentone desired a visit from the Prince of Savoy they made a way for him over the mountains, hills were tunneled and valleys bridged.   If we would really welcome the Lord Jesus, we must make a road for Him by abasing our pride, elevating our thoughts, removing our evil habits and preparing our hearts.  Never did a  soul cast up a highway for the Lord, and then fail to enjoy His company"  Spurgeon's Sermon Notes

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