Thursday, November 17, 2016

Post Election View

I was sad to see the outcome of the election.  This has been a complicated election and hopefully there will never be anything like this in the future.  There is such hate on both sides.  I have seen pictures from schools that kids are writing white power and other hate messages in the bathrooms.  There are protesters who have signs that say "Trump is not my president."  This is really showing that as a nation we really haven't grown much due to this kind of thinking.  It always seems that when someone in power chooses to share their hate that brings people out of the woodwork and they are not afraid to share these thoughts with the world.  

I do not think that everyone who voted for Trump agrees with his hateful thoughts.  We have a short memory and think that since a party is in office for four or eight years that we then need the other party to fix America (neither side seems to do much of anything for the people).  I really hope that Trump does change things in Washington, but if he doesn't then I'm still turning to God either way.

 We Christians are called to pray for our leaders.  1 Timothy 2 says that we are suppose to pray for our leaders so we will live in peace, this pleases God.  God gave us the Ten Commandments, but everything else He said is a command.  He doesn't offer suggestions timidly, He is I AM and does not ask things from us that we are incapable of doing.  We are expected to follow His commands whether we want to or not.  I believe we have the right to our opinions and can disagree with a leaders policy, but we are not to bash on them.  I can't believe how many Christians I know that have bashed on Obama these last eight years feeding right into the fear machine.  Our media doesn't help, leading sheep to the slaughter by using fear.  I think that in some cases there must be some prejudice underlining those comments since they were the worst comments that I have ever hear of any president.  But no one would admit that.  Hiding behind a political party to spread hate is no excuse.  We are called to a higher standard no matter what party is in office.  OK, I have let my Facebook friends know how I feel about Trump because I don't agree with the hate that he so causally spreads.  When he takes office I am called to pray for him and our country so are you.  God knew Trump was going to be president before we even were a country.  He has got this, that I am sure of.  God is calling us to turn to Him instead of another leader.  God is the only one who can take care of this country and He keeps showing us that by the leaders that we have, but we are too busy focusing on what the other party has done wrong to see the real issue.

This is going to be a big test for a lot of Christians besides me over the next four years.  I hope you will join me in giving this all to God.  I assure you that when this happens, I mean giving 100% to Him, you will be peaceful facing the unknown.  This my friend is not a drill, this really is the unknown.  Maybe we need a support group for this sort of thing!

I am now stepping down from my soap box.

If Christians would stand up for God then who knows what would happen in the world.

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