Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blog update June 2016 - WOW!

A few months ago I was happy to see that my page views were up to 25,000, it's not a vain thing because I know this is ALL from God.  I have prayed that He would bring people here so when I see the stats I pray for you.  Who doesn't want prayer?  I don't get much feedback so I felt like if I got a few people stopping by then that would be a great thing.  Seriously, 10 to 40 page views in a week and I thought that was amazing.

I had no illusions that I would have a blog that went viral, this came from a place of love.  I was perfectly happy to have the fewest numbers possible for a blog and still feel like I was doing good for God.  Even if I helped one person besides myself then that would be success.  I just want others to see what I see in our amazing God.  Since starting in December 2012 it has started off slowly and it has been fun to see the numbers and the countries that stop by.  I started this blog for a place to share my thoughts on the Bible, poems, quotes, songs, to organize my notes and since I will not show you a pic of my insane note paper pile, you will just have to trust me that this is a much better way to work!  Since my concussion at the end of 2013 I haven't been posting as much so it was a great surprise to see the number shoot up to 60,000 page views a couple of weeks ago and today it's over 102,000.  I'm not sure what is going on, if there is one person who is telling everyone they know or if this is just starting to spreading all over.  No matter the reason I am thankful to God that He sees a bigger picture than I ever can.

I hope that you enjoy your time here.  There are millions of places you can go during your day and endless things to look up so thank you for stopping by.  This blog has helped me countless times and I'm amazed by what God shows me while typing a post.  This is all Him and I am thankful that He uses a way less than perfect vessel to share.

Most of the time I hope to be inspiring, but there will be times when something I say will make you mad or defensive, that goes for me too.  I write stuff sometimes that is convicting to me so don't feel like you are alone or that I'm just talking to you.  We can not only look at the good parts of the Bible, we must look at all the parts even if it confronts things we don't want to see or hear.  If we only pull out the things we like then we will be forever incomplete, never gaining wisdom.

Beth Moore says there are rib issues and spine issues.  Rib issues are different denominations, when to baptize, belief of the timeline in the book of Revelation, etc.  Spine issues are the defining beliefs: virgin birth of God's son, salvation, Jesus died and was risen from the dead and that God will wrap all this up someday with a Jesus victory.  So THE truth.  Maybe we will not agree on the rib issues and that is OK, discussion is good for understanding and growth.  I am wrong on this journey sometimes, but choose to continue to learn.  I often do not agree with mainstream Christianity on certain rib or spine issues and that is fine, I want to be on the narrow path anyway.  I am not a scholar and my only qualification to have a Christian blog is that I'm learning to live through the weakness because of His strength.

Spine issues are another story.  Some religions present themselves as Christian yet have their own "bibles" or beliefs that they follow which depart from God's word, PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THOSE WOLVES!  The devil knows the Bible and has created many false religions to try to replace God's word.  If it aligns with God's word then it's Christian, if not then I'm not sure what to call that, but it ain't Christian.  (Not looking to start a fight, just clarifying my position.  I am a redhead so also naturally stubborn).

I won't budge on spine issues, but I think that sometimes we lump rib issues into this category.  Baptism for example, some believe only at birth while others believe it only counts when you make the decision yourself when you are older.  If you got baptized as a baby and also when you were older then maybe your covered twice, this is not an issue to spend time on or fight about.  This issue among others has broken up churches and groups of people and the devil has had a field day when this happens so let's not make him happy OK?

I am now stepping down from the soapbox:)

Thank you for your time and have a blessed day and above all else know that God loves you, yes I am talking to YOU.  He takes you just the way you are so that when He works a masterpiece inside of you everyone sees His work, you are beautiful in His eyes.  

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