Monday, February 8, 2016

United Together

I trimmed a bouquet of flowers and decided to put them into a smaller vase.  OK, don't bash on my mad flower arrangement skills:)  When I started to put the flowers in the vase they kept falling out.  The vase is short and wide so there was nothing for the flowers to hold on to, but when I put enough flowers and greenery in they started to stay put.  The flowers could not stand on their own, but found support in the other flowers that surrounded them.  I look for lessons in everyday life that I can use so I can understand and learn more about God.  I think we often do not see some of the simple things He is trying to teach us.  God does not intend for us to do life alone.  After the IF:Gathering this past weekend this was a fitting example of community.  Many are often afraid to ask for help or to reach out.  We are called to be a light for those who do not believe, but also for our sisters during the dark times.  To help each other is a blessing because sometimes we are on the needy end and other times we help those in need.  This is a beautiful way to show God's love.