Monday, August 31, 2015

Quote - Andy Andrews

"My life - my personality, my habits, even my speech - is a combination of the books I choose to read, the people I choose to listen to and the thoughts I choose to tolerate in my mind."

~ Andy Andrews

I know I don't always limit what I am subjecting my brain, heart and soul to and it is really important to pay attention, but I am improving.  We are inundated with limitless entertainment options that many will not think twice before watching.  I have cut out several shows, movies, etc that do not set will with me anymore.  See my post on this: Why God shut down my TV.  Even some cable news channels are dangerous due to the fact that they are more talk show than reporting facts.  Which is a huge problem in America when people are believing a 30 second news clip that bashes on someone when it probably was taken out of context to support the channels bias (can you tell I have an issue with this:).  Everything we let in has the ability to shape our thoughts, beliefs, ideas and actions.  I can't even watch the news since it is mainly the crime report.  That's not to say that we should shut out everything and think the world is great out there, but we should be careful daily what we allow in.  Every piece of information can alter us with out us even realizing it.  Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."  It makes me sad when I hear that a Christian is watching or reading something that is easy to see would be offensive to God.  It doesn't matter if society or our friends think something is OK, we should stand up for what we think is the right thing to do.  I have changed greatly from who I use to be, someone who used curse words daily (especially in the Army), didn't ever set limits and thought many things were fine (now I know better)!  I am nowhere near perfect, but strive to do better than I have in the past and continue to grow in God.

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