Sunday, March 1, 2015

Don't let the words from others derail you.

"There is no convincing proof of your claim except delusion."

This is a comment I received from my post on Jonah 4:6.  I find if very interesting some of the comments that I get from people who don't seem to believe.  God is planting seeds all over the place that could grow in the future.  Our job as believers is not to argue, we should be showing love and kindness to those people.  Instead of pushing them away by saying how wrong they are.  The truth IS and since that is the case it can not be argued without us looking like strange or mean people and us getting so upset that we loose all composure.  Remember that the enemy is waiting for us to look like a fool before those that don't believe.  He wants as many as possible to stray from the flock as he can get and unfortunately he is doing a bang up job of it.

Here is my response.

Just saw your comment, yes I am extremely behind on my emails!  So you think I am delusional?  That is OK, because I do not do this to be liked.  Everyone has their own opinions and we are free to share what we believe.  When you bring up "proof" then I know I can not argue with you because believers need no proof, yet non believers will not move forward without it.  It can be pointless to try to get someone else to see your point of view when they are dead set against it.  Do you believe in the wind?  You can't see the wind or grasp it in your hands, yet you can see what it can do.  Does this mean that it doesn't exist?

My proof is the word of God, the things that I have seen on this earth that are not from this world.  I have felt God's peace, which is unlike anything on this planet and people will destroy themselves to try to find it in other things.  I was a sinner who deserved no grace yet God poured His love down on me and has changed me forever.  So when someone is in a place that I know well (unbelief) then I can only offer them kindness.  I can't hold bitterness towards you or anyone else because God does not hold that against me.  Being a Christian is not a religion, it is a personal relationship with Jesus and I will go on proclaiming His goodness for all of my days.

I know that many Christians have been the worst promoters for God, saying one thing and doing something entirely different.  Do you think it was an accident that you stumbled on my post?  It was not, God has a plan for you even if you do not believe in Him.  He loves you so much, but I think that you do not know that.  I pray one day that you will know His love because when you do there will be a change in your heart that will grant you passage to beautiful love here on earth and an eternity of love. 

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