Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quote - Raven Symone

"I'm an American.  And that's a colorless person."

~ Raven Symone

This woman would be considered black to those who see her, yet she does not want a label of African American.  I don't think that is going against her heritage.  Isn't it time to drop labels for all and just be known for who you are.  I agree with her.  For a while now I keep thinking the same thing.  I don't go around stating that I am a European American do to where my ancestors came from so why are certain groups still using this.  I think this was used by a group of people to keep their identity and heritage.  I also think this was used by media and research groups to make sure people are fit in groups, but they lump everyone together which may not help with to stereotyping.  I'm not sure if this is the same in other countries in the world like in American.  African, Indian, Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern, etc doesn't matter in God's eyes.

If you are an American, then that is what you are.  If you are a Christian then you are in one family, not divided among different groups.  There are so many different divisions of Christianity that I think we lose a sense of unity.  I didn't grow up in church so I'm not Methodist, Baptist, etc.  I am a Christian, I do not have a denomination.  Some estimates that say there are 20,000 to 40,000 differences in Christianity alone!  Remember God gave 10 commandments and the Rabbi's can up with over 600 laws.  We are one church under God (this doesn't include any crazy cults who don't actually line up with the Bible).

The more we see ourselves as separate the more we will start to believe it.  Then our actions will start to show the division of our belief.  Then we will see and think of certain groups in a negative way.  Those beliefs will be so deep rooted that we will pass on to the next generation the same beliefs which will limit connections with people who don't look like us.  

I don't believe God sees color, He sees our hearts.  When will we join Him?

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