Thursday, September 18, 2014

Being back online, For King & Country and having some Compassion

We are getting settled in our new house and I'm so happy to finally be back on the Internet.  We recently got service so I can start blogging again.  YEAH!!!  It is very inconvenient to not have the ability to communicate with others and keep updated on things like school, scouts, blog, etc.  Although this is a small issue compared to what many others go through in this world.  I found myself reading more, stepping away from the Internet made me very aware of the amount of time I had spent on things that would have no value in my life.  This way to connect can be very isolating to some and to others it can be a window to the world.  If you don't master it, it will master you and consume so much of your time that the important things in life are often pushed away.  Going forward I will try to do better.  I need to plan my time on the Internet just like I plan for anything else.  Setting limits for media is a very good thing.  In disconnecting from online I will find I can connect better to everything else around me.  It is about trying to balance everything in my life.

I was sick two weeks ago and I'm sick again now.  You see I did something good for God's kingdom, a small act, although anything you do for the Kingdom the enemy hates.  It seems like when you do something good the enemy wants to keep you down.  I will keep pressing on because I know that the inconvenience of another cold is small compared to God's grace on those that follow His leading.  

We went to the For King & Country concert last Sunday at our church.  They put on a great show and the lyrics to their songs are fantastic, but there was something more there that was missing in a lot of entertainers shows.  They spoke a little on their testimony and they spoke about sponsoring children, they spoke on how men need to step up and treat women right and they spoke about how women should know their worth and value in God and not what this world tells them to be.  That message is often covered over by the loud noise of what the world is saying.  They support Compassion International, a charity that helps children around the world with the help of those who are more fortunate.  They told a story of a boy who grew up to be a preacher who is going through Africa planting church now and his sponsor when he was a child was a 15 year old girl.  This young girl made a decision to help another child.  If a child can do this, what more can we do as adults?  We decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International, a girl in Bolivia.  This is something that I have wanted to do for awhile and just haven't done yet, not sure why I took no action until now.  Right after that I started to get sick again, but I will continue to seek God no matter what is going on.  So I'm very excited to start a relationship with this young girl who I have never met.  I hope you will go on this journey with me.  For every child who is in need there is an adult who can help them.

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