Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quote - Ignorance

"Ignorance is not innocence."

I saw this on a piece of paper that my mom typed a long time ago.  There is so much said in just a few words.  I have heard people say they don't want to know about the bad things going on in the world.  I don't think that you need to be inundated with our 24 hour news cycle, then it all seems too big and that we can't help at all.  Christians are not called to sit on the sidelines with our backs to the world.  We have a mission to help others.  Now you don't have to help every cause that comes your way, but should we do nothing and be content in our own little world.  No, I believe we all can help.  Just pick a cause that is close to your heart and do what you can.

Not everyone can go on a mission trip to the other side of the world or can give thousands of dollars every year.  If everyone who could help did so then many would get food, medicine, shelter, education, etc.  I believe every type of charity would be covered if we all followed God like we are suppose to.  There may be someone waiting for you to help, I know that God has been waiting a long time for you to take a step out of you comfort zone.  My heart goes to charities that help adults with special needs like my brother Bryan who died last year and since I'm an Army veteran I like to support charities that help my brothers and sisters who have been wounded in combat.  If you can't think of anything then give it time, something will be brought to you attention.  There are so many to choose from, but God has one specifically for you.

Just remember even one small action can have a ripple effect that you will never know about.  Which can cause a chain reaction from helping that one person to helping a village, city, country or nation.  All because you stepped out in faith. 

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