Monday, January 27, 2014

Concussion Update

It has been two months since getting my concussion.  I have what the doctors call Post Concussion Syndrome.  The neurologist said that it usually takes up to three months to get back to normal and could be several more months past that time frame.  My head and neck still hurt daily, sometimes a sharp pain, but most of the time it is an all over mild pain which is very annoying.  I don't like taking pills and do so sparingly.  So if it appears I repeat myself often in my blog posts then I have forgotten what I have said in older posts!

Even in pain I give glory and praise to God.  I know that He is keeping my safe and there was a reason for my injury.  Even if it is to empathize with others who have had concussions it would be for the glory of God.  There is a comfort in having someone else who has gone through the same situation as you have so that you know you are not alone and someone on this great big planet understands how you feel.

I would be most thankful for you to keep me in your prayers for healing so I can get back to normal and in help with my patience during this time.  I am not the best person to be around while I'm hurting.  I complain a lot and any patience I have goes out the window.  Thank you


  1. Just said a prayer for you. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, and I understand pain very well, as I have a "chronic pain condition" myself. So, I hope your pain is assuaged and that you are back up and at 'em as quickly as possible. And, with God, ALL things ARE possible. Believe and Pray as best as you are able to do so in your current state. There IS light at the end of that tunnel!

    1. Thank you for prayer, it is such a powerful tool to be able to pray for others that it is often undervalued by those needing it the most.