Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Can you imagine if the only present your entire family got for Christmas was the contents of a small shoe box sent from someone you didn't even know.  In America, Christmas has gotten away from the true meaning of the holiday.  It's all about how many presents can I get, instead of giving to others without any thought of a return gift.  The focus has been taken away from Jesus and given to the advertisers.  Operation Christmas Child is a great program that shows that even one person or family can contribute in a massive way.  My kids enjoy packing boxes for children their age that will go to a child somewhere in the world.  I hope they will learn to appreciate what they have because there are many children who have next to nothing.

I hope that you and your family choose to do this one act of kindness for a child that you probably will never meet, but I know that they will cherish a gift that goes beyond a box.  There are churches that are collecting boxes in many countries.  If your country doesn't have this program then I bet there is someone in need that you may know or could find.  Go to the local orphanage, hospital, etc and ask for their needs.  Is there an elderly neighbor who might need help, a child who would love a soccer ball or a single mother who would love it if you provided a meal for her family.  Even if you can only donate a book, toy or meal that will mean so much to the receiver.  I can assure you that there are such great needs all over the world that seem overwhelming, but there is such a beautiful thing that happens when we step past this "I'm just one person" mentality.  We can do big things if we each choose to take time to share to love of Jesus.

When we give presents to others with no thought of a present in return then we both are given the best present of all, His presence.

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