Saturday, October 19, 2013

A river runs through

A famous spot in France, St Etienne abandoned church…

I saw this pic on Pinterest, the note said that this is a church in France, St. Etienne.  Even though this is altered (original photo doesn't have this river & greenery) I think this is a beautiful picture of what some churches look like under the surface.  This dreary dark building abandoned by people has a serene river that we tend to not see, all we see is a dim building with no life.  Yet before our eyes there is life and motion. Churches all over the world may seem old fashion and void of life, but there is life and light all around us. There are those people who when you see them there is something different about them, we may not be able to distinguish at first what that is, but after a while their consistency will draw people in.  I am always amazed at watching people who I call super Christians.  I don't go down the jealous road, but I want to emulate them and be like them when I grow up.  Many will think that when Christians mess up that we are hypocrites, we are trying to do our best to live a life and we fail just like anyone else.

Will we be able to see the river of living water through all the rules and regulations that are placed upon us?

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