Friday, June 7, 2013

Can you pray for me?

I am under attack from the enemy.  It makes me think that I am doing something good in the Kingdom, the enemy wants to distract and I do not want to lose focus.  The last couple of weeks were annoying and this week just makes me want to cry, ok I have cried a little bit.  There are several health issues (minor, but VERY irritating) and everything has hit all at once.  I am trying to give it to God, it is hard sometimes to be positive and try and figure out what the reason is for things.  I do not doubt God's plan, it can be frustrating when you can not see what He is doing. 

So if you read this please say a prayer for me for quick healing and peace during this time.  Prayer is one of the most powerful thing we have against the enemy.  I thank you all for your prayers.

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