Friday, December 7, 2012

Luke 1:1-25

I'm starting Luke, what a great time to read this with Christmas right around the corner.  I must confess I had planned to read the gospels two summers ago and only finished Matthew & Mark.

The bible called Zechariah & his wife "upright in the sight of God".  Ok, first of all what a great intro!  What do you think God says about you? 

The angel Gabriel came to Zechariah and told him that his wife would have a child.  Zechariah doubted what the angel said.  Sometimes we think, how could he have replied to an angel that way?  Think about a time God told you something that might have been out of your comfort zone and you really thought that might have been some crazy part of your brain just rambling on.  Ok, I have been in his shoes many times before and hopefully the more I go through it the more I will improve my understanding that I don't understand anything at all.  Zechariah was thinking just as any of us would, when you are too old you don't have children.  Our facts are only options to God.  We can make a huge list of why things couldn't happen the way God says it will, yet He doesn't feel the need to consult us in the slightest.  God's proper time is beyond our grasp. 

Since Zechariah doubted what Gabriel said he lost the ability to speak for a time.  Maybe that is a grown up time out?  What should we be saying that we are not sharing?  What should we be keeping quiet that we are not?

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