Monday, March 3, 2014

Quote - The Trail We Follow

Priscilla Shirer talks about an Indian man that said, "I have come to know the carvings of Jesus, I have come to know His marking, I follow his trail."

Such a beautiful way of expressing our desire to follow Him when everything else around us is against this.  Last summer horseback riding in the Rocky Mountain National Park we passed an open field.  Our guide said that this use to be a road for stagecoaches and you could still see in the tall grass two lines going across the field.  Those two lines were lighter than the rest of the grass, but the grass was all the same height.  There seems to be a permanent mark of the path to follow.  It was amazing to see that long after people stopped using this trail there was still such a defining imprint upon the earth that may never go away.

This trail is like following Jesus.  Once we humbly go to God and ask forgiveness, He gives us the Holy Spirit, to guide us through the rough terrain in this world.  His mark will forever be on the path, all we have to do is follow it.

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